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Vignola Tower

Vignola Tower

Named after Giacomo Barozzi de Vignola, Vignola Tower (of course a hypothetical building) exhibits the Roman Doric, Ionic and Corinthian classical orders as established by Vignola.  Vignola was a 16th century Italian architect who, along with contemporaries such as Andrea Palladio, published a treatise on the architectural orders of classical antiquity.  With his “Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture,” Vignola assimilated the classical orders as presented by Vitruvius and as documented with his own measurements of ancient Roman temples.  The details of these orders as modeled for Vignola Tower were derived from Martin Brandwein and Alvin Holm’s “Classical Architecture: A Handbook of the Tradition for Today” ( with its superb renderings by M. Gunnison Collins.